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News Update: The Coding Company Online Services is up and running! If you have a login and password, you can CLICK HERE to access your files.

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The Coding Company is currently hiring contractors for coding service provision to be costed at a per job rate. Anyone who has their own contract service is welcome to come on board and work with a highly professional and busy organisation working in the clinical coding space in Australia. Anyone interested is invited to contact Nina Lean at The Coding Company - nina@thecodingcompany.com.au.


Established in 1999, The Coding Company Pty Ltd specialises in:

We are a professional services based organisation that provides highly skilled Clinical Coding staff, records management personnel and Health Information Management personnel.

Our professional services assist in records management procedures, culling records file rooms, revenue generation based on clinical coded data, clinical coding data quality, timeliness of data for clinical costing, research and indicators, allocation of time to quality activities affecting accreditation, the storage and retrieval of vital records, and the programmed destruction of records.

The Coding Company's skilled staff and contracted personnel provide professional services for short or long term assignments. Currently we provide clinical coding services throughout NSW, in Queensland and New Zealand.

The Coding Company has performed some of the largest records management projects ever undertaken within Australian Hospitals, right down to some of the most humble, and is currently the largest medical records storage and retrievals services provider in NSW. No matter the size of the client's facility we take the same amount of care and attention to detail from the largest to the smallest.

The Coding Company Middle East is an affiliate based in the Middle East that aims to set the guidelines of Health Information Management and elevating its standards in the region.

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